Bedford Dog Grooming

The best dog groomer in Bedford is Paw Prints Dog Daycare and Grooming

We take pride in treating your pet as our own.

Proper grooming does more than simply improve the appearance of your dog. Regular grooming promotes healthy coat and skin, leading to a healthier, happier pet.

Chelsea, our groomer, is happy to help your pup with any grooming needs.

Whether you’re looking for a traditional groom, a more modern cut or a specific breed cut, our experienced groomers work with all breeds and all sizes of dogs. We’re proud to offer on-site grooming with groomers who have experience with Canadian Kennel Club show grooming.

Pre-Booking Appointments Will Save Heartbreak!

Due to the skill of our groomers, we regularly book out at least two weeks in advance. We recommend booking every 4-6 weeks for 6 months in the future to make sure you get the appointment that works for you & your pup.

Our Grooming Prices:

(Taxes not included)


Includes: Bath, blowout, nails & ears (Short haired dogs only).

  • XS (Eg. Chihuahua): $40
  • S (Eg. Frenchie): $45
  • M (Eg. Pitty): $55
  • L (Eg. Lab): $65
  • XL (Eg. Rottie): $85
  • XXL (Eg. Mastiff): $95


Includes: Bath, blowout, nails, ears,  trimming of face, feet & fanny.

  • XS (Eg. Chihuahua): $55
  • S (Eg. Pomeranian): $60
  • M (Eg. Sheltie): $70
  • L (Eg. Golden): $85
  • XL (Eg. Collie): $115
  • XXL (Eg. Saint Bernard): $125


Includes: Bath, blowout, nails, ears, full body haircut.

  • XS (Eg. Yorkie): $60
  • S (Eg. Shihtzu): $65
  • M (Eg. Wheaton): $75
  • L (Eg. Poodle): $95
  • XL (Eg. Sheepdog): $125
  • XXL (Eg. Newfoundland): $150


Includes: Breed-specific full groom.

  • XS (Eg. Chihuahua): $65
  • S (Eg. Bichon): $70
  • M (Eg. Cocker Spaniel): $55
  • L (Eg. Airedale): $65
  • XL (Eg. Bouvier): $85


Includes: Full groom.

  • S/M: $80
  • L/XL: $100


  • S: $10
  • M: $20
  • L: $30


Teeth Brushing: $10
Ear Cleaning: $5
Ear Plucking: $10
Nail Clip/Dremmel: $20
Pawdicure: $30
Face Trim: $15
Brush Cut: $15/30mins
Puppy Intro: starting at $45 *depending on size*


Blueberry Facial: $5
Teeth Brushing: $10
Nail Polish: $10
Ear Plucking: $5
De-Shed: Small $5/Medium $10/Large $15
Flea Bath: $10

Please note a handling fee of $10 will be added to the bill when some extra time and patience is required with your dog.

Our Cancellation Policy

24 hours notice is required to cancel your appointment. Otherwise, you will be charged a $20 fee. 2 cancellations (made with under 24 hours notice) in less than 1 year will require you to pre-pay for your next groom.

Book Your Grooming Appointment Today!

To book your four-legged friend into Paw Prints Grooming, please call 902-832-9323.